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100 Rupee Club

Indian Rupee

What is the change that you want to see? Is it a girl child in rural Rajasthan who now has access to education, or a stray puppy with access to food and shelter Delhi or a victim of circumstances or disaster … HIV/Aids or Cancer or Old Age…a Drought or a Flood who needed help and has got it. We give you the opportunity to choose the change you want to see and be part of creating that change.

The 100 Rupee club provides donors with the unique opportunity to make a difference . For us it is not so much the amount you donate but the effectiveness of your donation and the “giving” you stand for. Through just Rs 100 every month you can now be connected to a group of NGOs. CAF India selects NGOs which are most deserving and disburses money on your behalf to the NGOs.

The highlight of this flagship programme at CAF India is that it is an attractive option to individuals who want to make a difference and stay connected to not one but a group of NGOs.

Through your monthly commitment of Rs.100 for 12 months, you will support CAF India’s Social Change Fund. This is an initiative designed to develop strategic investment for achieving high and long-term impact from social development projects.

You and others like you in the 100 Rupee Club will through your yearly membership to this club, support three thematic areas of livelihood promotion, education and health for greater effectiveness and impact. Each thematic area has a well defined rationale, concrete objectives and a plan to balance risks with returns. (For further details check Social Fund Change)

You can select and contribute (Rs.1200 one time or through a sustained monthly donation of Rs. 100). Alternatively, you can reach us at [email protected].